Save money traveling abroad

International SIM Card also referred to as Travel SIM Card provides seamless connectivity across the globe thus enabling the traveler to make and receive international and local calls from almost all countries. It mostly works on the GSM platform and automatically connects to the GSM operator of the country of travel. For example , if you are traveling to the USA, your phone is most likely to connect to AT&T or T-Mobile which are the largest GSM networks in the USA.
International SIM Cards reduce your cost of roaming by as much as 90% depending on the provider you use. These cards also allow you to receive free incoming calls in many countries. Several providers also provide enhanced features like voicemail, data services and more.
There are many companies which provide International SIM Cards and you can buy one of them online. Here below, I am listing 6 key attributes that you should look for while buying one.
1 . Calling rates: Calling rates to make local and international calls should be checked in detail, particularly for the country of travel. Many a times, a connection charge is also applicable. Also, check if the billing is done on per minute basis or per second basis.
2 . Incoming charges: Incoming is not always free and you should check for the list of countries where you would receive calls for free without any charges. Many a times, a connection charge also applies on incoming call which is worth paying attention to.
3. Recharge options (adding credit to your account): If you choose to go for a Prepaid account, you should check the recharging options. It may not be possible at all the times for you to connect to the internet and recharge. A good provider should provide you the facility to add credit to your account by using phone menu options.
4. Customer Service: How will you be assisted in case of any problem in your country of travel? Will you be able to speak to the Customer Service in your choice of language? A good provider should provide you with local access numbers for different countries which you can dial and speak to the customer service in your choice of language.
5. Expiry terms: You should check the conditions relating to the expiry of your account. What if you have not used your phone for 3 months? Will your SIM Card and talk-time expire?
6. Price: Always buy talk-time along with SIM Card. It usually costs less than buying them separately.


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